Star Trek cookies

My youngest son is having a space camp party for his 10th birthday, so he wanted Star Trek cookies to take to his class. Fortunately for me, he was happy with cute rather than realistic. 🙂

I started with my cookie cutter, tracing around it on a piece of paper so that I could design my cookies. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are lots of erase marks! I changed my mind a couple times about how I wanted my characters to look. With Spock, I drew multiple eyebrows and mouths. He has those iconic eyebrows, but when his eyes are dots, it’s really hard not to make him look mad! So I tried giving him a smile. I didn’t even take a pic, it was that creepy. He looked diabolical. I erased the smile and decided I was fine with mad.

The whole crew:

Don’t they look just like their picture?? (Well, no, not actually, but that’s ok, the idea was conveyed, which was what I was after.)

I didn’t love the head size on my cutter, so my drawings are actually the body of one cutter, and the head of a bigger cutter. When you’re going for cute characters, big heads win.

You might be able to tell from the clean cuts that this dough is chilled. I HIGHLY recommend chilling your dough if you are going to frankencookie your shapes! I didn’t initially, and it caused much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Well, maybe not the weeping and wailing part, but there may have been some teeth gnashing for a while there…)

Once your cookies are baked and cooled, decorate in sections to create definition. (I traced lines on my cookies using a black food pen and my faithful Kopykake. You can use other transfer methods if you don’t have a Kopykake (or Pico), like I talk about in my Image Transfer Techniques post.)

Once the pants and face dried, I added the shirt and the hair (exception with the order for Spock, see below.) As soon as the face dried completely, which took a couple hours in front of a fan, I added icing dots for eyes, and mouths (and Spock’s eyebrows) with food coloring pen.

Here are a few differences, depending on how you want your cookies to look:

For Spock, I knew that doing his face or hair first would make a small difference, but I wasn’t sure which way I would want it, so I did some of both. The Spock on the left I did face first, then hair; the Spock on the right I did the hair, then the face. You can see that the right-hand Spock has slightly pointier hair. I preferred the look of doing the hair first for that reason, but this is personal preference.

Sometimes doing character cookies with only eyes gives a very cute look. I tried that with my Kirk cookies. For this set, I preferred the additional personality that a mouth gave. Again, personal preference.

For Chekov, I experimented with painting silver luster dust (mixed with extract) onto the Star Trek symbol. I loved it. I always love sparkly stuff. However, since I was finishing these at 2am, I sadly (wisely?) decided I needed to reign myself in, so only one cookie got the sparkle.

The kids in my son’s class were super excited about the cookies! They recognized the cookies instantly; the colors and the Star Trek symbol are the magic for recognizeability.