Homecoming cookies: a color conversation

A friend’s son wanted to surprise his homecoming date with some special cookies. 🙂 He requested cookies in 3 designs: the girl’s name, Homecoming 2018, and stained glass flowers, with orchid as the color theme. Googling “orchid” gets quite a range of shades, but I clarified, and the color I was working for was about like this:

The tricky thing about getting this color is I was essentially working with 4 different mediums: airbrush color, icing color, fondant, and stained glass paint color:

As you can see, they are not identical; however, they are close, and went well together. (I even happened to have some matching sprinkles on hand!) This is how I created each orchid color:

For airbrushing, I used 4 drops of deep pink to 3 drops of periwinkle airbrush color.

For the royal icing, I used deep pink gel, but I didn’t have periwinkle in the gel. So, I used the airbrush color again. It created the right color, but to get the shade I wanted, I needed to use extra periwinkle since the airbrush color is thinner. (The gel would be preferable, naturally, so it wouldn’t be necessary to burn through tons of airbrush color.)

For the fondant, I actually went back to my airbrush pink with my airbrush periwinkle. I was able to use equal amounts, and the fondant darkened much more quickly than the royal icing.

The stained glass (which you can read about creating here) was the most surprising to work with for the colors. Initially I tried using the airbrush colors. However, not only did deep pink mixed with periwinkle create the wrong color entirely, but the airbrush color, which I would have expected to be lighter mixed with the corn syrup, was far darker than the gel color! In order to get the nice light orchid color, I mixed 1 drop of deep pink gel with 1 drop violet gel. Then, as that was very dark still, I filled a well of my paint palette with fresh corn syrup, and used my paint brush to gradually add small amounts of the colored corn syrup until it was the shade I wanted (I dipped my paintbrush in the colored corn syrup 3 or 4 times).

It was an interesting learning experience trying to get the same color in 4 different mediums! Hopefully this helps you with your color experimenting!