Happy 4th of July!


Somehow, 4th of July cookies just didn’t happen this year, so I am posting some patriotic butterflies I made a couple years ago. The stars are from a jar of red, white, and blue sprinkle stars (those poor red and blue ones, I’ll have to find some way to use them). I used my cookie tweezers (regular tweezers, but dedicated to only-cookie use) to place the stars when the blue was still wet.

The gold butterfly bodies are painted on (again, dedicated paint brushes). I mixed gold luster dust with lemon extract and then painted away! As the lemon extract evaporates, you have to pour tiny amounts back in to your mixture, or your gold gets all gloppy. Also, the icing for the bodies is a yellow color–I’ve found that I get a better gold if I start with something close rather than plain white (which makes for a very pale gold when painted).

Alternatively, you could pipe the bodies first, let them dry, and spray with gold food color spray (such as Wilton gold), then pipe the wings afterward.

Happy 4th of July! 🙂