Tips for tipless bags

I love tipless bags. When I discovered them,they were life-changing for me. Not having to worry about tips clogging, or cleaning out the tips, every time I needed to flood a cookie, is heavenly during the cookie-ing process. I still prefer to use tips when I’m piping lettering, because I feel like I can be more consistent. Also, there are times when specialty tips come in handy (like the PME ST51 leaf tip, which I LOVE!), but much of my cookie decorating these days is done with tipless bags (like these or these).

However, using tipless bags is not always all unicorns and rainbows. They have their challenges, so here are some tipless tips to make your life easier. 🙂

Be wary of using extremely thick icing in the tipless bags. That is another reason I use the heavier Wilton bags with tips when I am piping lettering, because the tipless bags can burst if they are subjected to too much pressure.

Don’t overfill the tipless bags. The extra weight and the extra squeezing you will have to do to control that weight can make the bag burst.

When you cut the tip, start small. You can always cut bigger. You can’t cut smaller. 🙂

Finally, cutting the tips of the bags, so that the cut tips are nicely rounded, can be tricky. See how the end of the bag is actually still sealed shut? That can distort your cut.

I discovered a trick that makes cutting the tips easier, and I made a video (because a picture is worth 1000 words!):

Turn the bag so the seam is facing you. Then (here’s the magic trick), BEFORE you cut the tip, push a small amount of icing all the way to the end of the bag. That will force open any troublesome seals like in the photo above. Then snip the end of the bag, and you’re in business!