Cat cookies–the hard way and the easy way

I wanted to make some cat cookies, and I wanted them to be perfect, so I set about it very methodically. Here are my steps, allowing about 5 minutes in between each one for drying:

Ok, well, I guess no drying after this one. 🙂 Notice the cat in the upper right-hand corner? I started doing the face, and then thought “Oh wait, it’s silly to take all that extra time when I’m just going to be flooding over it!” So I didn’t do any other faces. However, it is ironic that I thought that; keep going and you’ll see why…

I wanted some color on the tail, so I flooded the end grey, filled in the rest of the tail with white, and then used my boo boo stick to blend them a little.

Notice the dimension I’m getting by waiting for each section to dry? I did them one section at a time, top down, rather than every other section, because I wanted to have the appearance that the paws were in the foreground, with everything else receding. Whatever you pipe last tends to have the appearance of being in front, what you pipe second-to-last looks second-to-front, and so on.

See? It’s working. Those little paws look like they’re in front, and everything else has lovely dimension receding on back.

At this point, I let the cats dry overnight. The next day, I experimented with what I wanted to pipe vs what I wanted to use food coloring pen for. If you look carefully at all the different cats, you’ll see one has a piped face (which I didn’t love), the rest have drawn faces; some have piped whiskers, some have drawn; one has drawn paws, the rest are piped… you get the idea. Pick your favorite look.

All those careful steps, and I have cute happy kitties! The joke was on me, though. Can you see it yet? Remember all my effort to get that dimension? Can you tell it’s there once I have piped outlines (which I knew I wanted to do from the start)? Noooo! As a matter of fact, the dimension made piping around everything kind of a headache, because the piped lines would fall squiggly into the grooves. So, here’s what I learned: if you plan to pipe outlines anyway, for heaven’s sake make your life easier (and quicker!) and flood the entire thing so it’s flat and easy to pipe around! 🙂

So you have the hard way in pictures; here’s the easy way: draw your outline, flood the whole silly thing, then when it’s dry, pipe away! (As a side note, I like my piping icing to be about toothpaste consistency.)

Happy kitty-cookie-ing! 🙂